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Refreshed and re-eingineered bath panels from Pivotech

New Claro, Duo, and Mono bath panels: making beautiful design easy

We updated our Claro, Duo, and Mono systems with features to make installation easier and faster, and give you more control and flexibility to adjust panels on site.

To reflect current decor trends, we added a square barrel assembly, and revised the hinges and glass panels to be square. The effect is fluid lines and chic bathroom interior design.

Pivotech customers will see the refreshed bath panels begin arriving with orders in late November.

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Join the Pivotech team: new career opportunities

Career opportunities with Pivotech

Aluminium Industries (Ai) is about people, ideas and the development and support of innovative products. It’s about denying old-fashioned notions of industrial fabrication in Australia. More than just making things, team Ai is making things happen. We have exciting career opportunities for people who want to be part of our growth.

In addition to products from our portfolio of market-leading brands, Ai offers service and support resources to our customers, including the development of technology focused on helping our customers grow their businesses.

Ai seeks driven people wanting to align themselves with a company with a healthy future. For the right person, Ai will become a passion where a desire to learn and grow is rewarded.

And that’s where you come in.

Technical Sales, Pivotech


The role:

Ai offers a newly created Technical Sales role within our Pivotech brand. The primary focus of this role is helping customers find product solutions that match their projects. You’ll help facilitate projects from the quote and order process through to the manufacturing and delivery process.

Responsibilities include:

  • Develop relationships of trust and respect with customers
  • Promote Pivotech’s range of products to new and existing customers
  • Provide technical support and work with customers to find solutions
  • Interpretation of technical drawings and documentation
  • Process customer orders
  • Work closely with clients and your teammates at Ai to ensure delivery schedules are met
  • Communicate production schedules with clients
  • Monitor progress and follow project orders throughout the manufacturing process
  • Additional and evolving responsibilities as Ai evolves

Essential skills and traits:

  • A spacial thinker with the ability to look at a construction drawing and know how the end result will fit together
  • Experience in a technical role in a construction or manufacturing environment, with a creative approach to finding solutions
  • Experience in solution-based sales or customer service
  • Collaboration with team members at Ai
  • Engaging presentation skills
  • An organised and effective planner
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Be able to work autonomously and as a team member

The rewards:

Ai is growing fast and we seek people with drive and dedication who want to grow with us. We offer a competitive salary, a reliable team, and opportunities for development. We’re conveniently located just off EastLink. Stop the daily grind commuting to the city; what you’re looking for is here. We have a great team, a full gym for our employees with fitness classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, cake day once a month, and lots and lots of coffee.

To be considered, please email your resume and a cover letter outlining what sparked your interest in this position to Pamela at

We appreciate you taking time to apply for this position. Only candidates successful in moving forward in the selection process will be contacted.


Customer Service and Administrative Support, Pivotech



Aluminium Industries (Ai) is a thriving locally owned and managed company offering an exciting career path for professionals looking to grow their career. If you love working with people and beautiful home design products, we have an ideal opportunity for you with our Pivotech division. Cut the commute or drive against traffic. We have plenty of on-site parking, a full gym (including trainers on T/Th), and a fun, energetic team.

In addition to offering Australia’s most fashionable and functional range of semi-framed and fully framed shower screens, Pivotech design, engineer and manufacture bath panels, wardrobes and mirror frames.

A Pivotech Customer Service / Administrative Support team members deliver excellent customer service. This includes fielding customer questions about products, orders and manufacturing, order processing and office administration. For the right person, we will train you in a wide variety of skills, enabling you to grow with the business and create a healthy career.

Responsibilities include:

  • B2B customer service
  • Order processing and data entry
  • Train customers on and promote use of, Pivotech’s customer ordering platform
  • Internal sales and support of Business Development Managers
  • Back up administrative support, as needed

Essential skills and traits:

Successful candidates will be customer service professionals, experienced in using their technical knowledge and people skills to achieve results.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Intermediate to advanced level of computer skills and experience using software tools for customer relationship management
  • Ability to work autonomously with excellent time management
  • Positive focus and a strong desire to learn and grow

Desirable skills and traits:

  • Experience in a manufacturing environment, or experience in DIY home remodeling, construction or glazing
  • Experience with ERP
  • Team focus
  • Adaptable to change
  • Relationship building skills

Our dynamic and supportive environment offers a lot of benefits, including a competitive salary, a reliable team, and opportunities for growth, training and development.

Be part of an organization pioneering its industry and submit your resume and cover letter to Pamela, If you do not have professional experience in a manufacturing, construction or glazing, in your cover letter, please highlight any non-professional home remodeling or other relevant experience you may have. Bullet points are fine.

We appreciate you making time to apply with us; only those moving forward in the hiring process will be contacted.

No recruiters, please.



Product announcement: Optima range expanded

More Optima options

Pivotech invites aligned installers to explore the expanded Optima Range, with additional sizes available now.

Oversize Fronts

Both 1850mm and 1950mm high Optimas now suit widths from 680mm wide to 1820mm wide.

eDM Optima 680 1820

Sizes available

680-740 1280-1340
740-800 1340-1400
800-860 1400-1460
860-920 1460-1520
920-980 1520-1580
980-1040 1580-1640
1040-1100 1640-1700
1160-1220 1700-1760
1220-1280 1760-1820

Please note: Sizes above 1220mm are only available in bright silver.

More return panels

Return panels now suit a range from 750mm wide to 930mm wide in both 1850mm and 1950mm high.

eDM return panelsSizes available

750-770 850-870
770-790 870-890
790-810 890-910
810-830 910-930

Return panels to suit larger bases

In addition to the items listed above, Pivotech now stocks two extra sizes to help accommodate 1000mm x 1000mm bases.

In 1950mm high only, you can select from two return panels that suit 970 – 990mm or 990 – 1010mm.

eDM 1950Sizes available (1950 high only)

970-990 990-1010

To learn more, contact Pivotech to find your local installer.


Open-plan Bathrooms


Open-plan bathrooms – privacy nightmare or romantic dream-come-true? We splash into the conversation.

Open-plan bathrooms aren’t coming; they are already here. In greater and greater numbers of luxury hotels around the world, the open-plan bathroom has made an appearance.

Lately, open-plan bathrooms have also started to flow into private residences. Architects and developers, sold by ideas of romance, luxury and modernity, are bringing these audacious designs to life.

Googling ‘open-plan bathrooms’ for webpages will bring you a plethora of horror-filled articles. These mainly stem from travelling friends, forced to witness each other’s ablutions one too many times.

Yet googling the same term in image-search mode will display a huge variety of innovative, inspiring designs. Someone out there must like open-plan bathrooms, otherwise why are there so many?

In today’s blog, we take a look at some of the pros and cons of this modern design trend.


On the visual side, there is no denying that open-plan bathrooms can look stunning. The lack of walling maximises space, making open-plan bathrooms appear bigger, more luxurious, and open to flows of natural light and air. The design style enhances a natural look, working to minimise clutter and claustrophobia whilst still making a residence appear super-modern.

This effect also works on mood. As luxury hotels emphasise, open-plan bathrooms can be very romantic spaces for those in the right frame of mind. They encourage a relaxed feeling in both bedroom and bathroom, inviting you to walk bare and natural from one to the other, without the hassle of getting changed.

On a practical front, open-plan bathrooms perform well. Many feature walk-in showers, which are great for wheelchairs and the elderly, removing the obstacles of screen tracks and frames. A bigger bathroom space means there is less need for an intensive ventilation system, so fans may be smaller and quieter.

This modern design can also add considerably to a house’s real estate value. It may act as a point of differentiation in the crowded housing market, piquing interest for the right buyer.


However, as noted globally on a number of travel blogs, these bathrooms can be very awkward if they are shared by the wrong people. Many people believe a little mystery helps keep relationships strong; these bathrooms strip away the privacy of what may be the last refuge in a shared house.

In residences with only one bathroom, open-plans are not great choices for those who frequently have guests. Friends and relatives may not appreciate your ‘open’ perspectives.

Open-plan bathrooms also present some unique functional challenges. The usual problems of timing are exacerbated when the bathroom is placed in the bedroom; partners may be constantly waking each other up, particularly if one works considerably later or earlier than the other.

It can also be a challenging design for families; the relaxed and romantic feel of both bedroom and bathroom may be shattered by the necessity of children using the room.

We suggest if you’ve only got one bathroom, particularly if you have children, consider staying with a more traditional closed design. Otherwise you may find there’s a shortage of people on your guest-list. However, if you’re remodelling an ensuite to the master bedroom, an open-plan design might be just what you need to reinvigorate your residence.

Overall, open-plan bathrooms can be warm, inviting, relaxing spaces. However, a last piece of advice: whatever you’re planning, make sure your toilet stays put behind a firmly-entrenched solid door. There are some things that never need to be witnessed.

To complement the spacious look and feel of your open-plan design, furnish your bathroom with Pivotech frameless glass hardware. Pivotech offers a large range of frameless glass hardware options, each carefully engineered for maximum strength and durability. They will ensure your bathroom stays looking light and airy, without compromising on functionality. Browse through our options today.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, make yours the cleanest one of all

Enhance the shine of your Pivotech framed mirror

Heavy use and a harsh environment take their toll on a bathroom and the hardware, shower screens and decorative elements in it. Maintaining the visual impact of your original design requires faithful cleaning.

This is particularly true for mirrors and highly polished hardware.

Tips to keep your framed mirror clean

Your toolkit:

  • a large sponge
  • a glass cleaning spray
  • a squeegee
  • a microfibre cloth or paper towels
  • rubber gloves
bathroom mirror

First, you want to get the whole mirror wet. Wet your sponge with hot water and wipe from top to bottom until the entire mirror is dampened. This will start to break up spots and marks and help more evenly distribute the glass cleaner. Squeeze any excess water out of your sponge.

Next, liberally spray glass cleaner over the mirror. Take your sponge and rub it over the mirror, cleaning off any smears, spots, toothpaste, soaps or stains. Give extra attention to the corners of the mirror where dust and dirt can settle.

Then, run your squeegee from top to bottom, left to right removing all traces of the glass cleaner. Step back and assess your success. If you see any smudges or streaks, wipe them away with your microfibre cloth or paper towel.

Lastly, wipe away any water splashes from around the mirror.

And voilà. Your Pivotech framed mirror clean, offering a true reflection of your interior style.

Alternatives to glass cleaners

Not keen on the commercial glass cleaning products for your mirrors? You’re not alone. Here are a few of the more popular alternatives:

  • 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon liquid soap and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle
  • Undiluted vinegar with a splash of lemon in a spray bottle
  • 1/2 cup of lemon juice and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle
  • 1/2 cup vinegar or lemon juice, 2 cups water and 1/4 teaspoon of a vegetable oil based soap
  • 1/2 cup cornstarch with 2 litres warm water and apply to the mirror with sponge, then wipe with a towel

Now that you’ve got your Pivotech framed mirror clean and shining brightly again, you might want to consider ways to keep it fog free.

You can find a few commercial, chemical defoggers in the shops, but if you’re like me, the fewer products cluttering the cupboard, the better.

Option #1 – shave cream. Use a dollop of shave cream, cover the mirror, rub clean with a towel or microfibre cloth.

Option#2 – bar soap. Go over the mirror surface with a bar soap and then rub clean with a towel or microfibre cloth.


World Bathrooms, Part 2

Continuing on from our previous World Bathrooms post, in today’s blog we cast our gaze around the globe to look at some Asian design trends.

Asian bathroom design is synonymous with tranquillity. This could potentially be ascribed to Oriental philosophy filtering through to building practices; feng shui and other spiritual systems have long had an effect on construction blueprints. Rooms may be designed to promote inner peace, bring luck and more. Different regions may also have subtle differences in bathroom style and tone.


J2  J1

Traditional Japanese design can appear quite minimalistic. There is often a conscious effort to bring nature inside. Wood in dark or light natural stains is common, as is a variety of plants in corners and around basins. Stone pebbles in suitable areas can add to this natural look, an addition which can be pleasing to the touch as well as to the eye. Bathtubs are more common than showers, but both fit well in these relaxing spaces. Privacy screens of paper over wood or bamboo add a touch of delicacy to the setting.


C1  C2

Chinese designs are often bolder and more contrasting than those of other Asian regions. The use of strong colours, particularly red (symbolic of luck and happiness) serves to bring vibrance and energy to a room. Mirrors are also prominent; where once these may have had much to do with frightening away evil spirits, today they largely serve more pragmatic purposes. Lanterns and shaded lamps in wall-sconces are a very traditional look, which can incorporate well into modern design.


T2  T1

As Thailand is such a strong tourist destination, Thai bathrooms are most often seen by travellers within one of the country’s many hotels. Colours and layouts that emphasize space, luxury and cleanliness are popular. White plaster walls fight the heat by casting an illusion of cool, calm colour. Dark lacquered wooden cabinets and panels fit into this space – useful to store an array of fluffy white towels. Fresh petals can be strategically placed to appeal to the eye whilst also providing a light floral aroma, helping to distinguish the bathroom as a clean, private space.

There are a huge number of fashions that can be followed to help revamp your bathroom’s image. Pick a style you like and start designing – and be bold!

Image sources: Decoist, Houzz, Architecture Art Designs


Signature finishes extended to aluminium sections

Big news!

Pivotech now offers a range of aluminium sections finished to match our Signature range of frameless glass hardware.

These sections perfectly complement the existing Signature range. Choose from matt black, chrome, gold and satin chrome.

Sections available in the Signature finishes for fabricators and installers to order:

     section cut out with measurements aluminiumcut out with measurements aluminium sectionsshower screen sections cut out with measurementsaluminium sections cut out with measurements

Talk to a Pivotech installer about Signature frameless glass hardware for your bathroom. Looking for a Pivotech installer? Contact us.


World Bathrooms, Part 1

In our increasingly connected world, fashions start and spread faster than ever.

This can easily lead to confusion – when there are so many trends out there, what’s actually popular and what’s not? How do you know which movements to follow and which to ignore? What is ‘good taste’ these days anyway?

These questions apply as much to bathrooms as to anything else. In fact, we argue they are especially pertinent here, as any new bathroom is designed as a permanent fixture; in a house lasting decades, the style needs to be as durable as the hardware.  In a bid for inspiration, this set of blogs is aiming to highlight a few classic world bathroom styles.



Eng 1 Eng 2

With famous brands like Twyford and Royal Doulton to their name, the English have perhaps the best-known style of European bathroom.  Generally solid and regular of design, traditional English designs are timeless affairs, combining taste with functional durability. Colouring is typically white or cream, and floral patterns are common across wallpapers and even porcelain. Large bathtubs, often featuring claw feet, are usually prominent. Done well, it is easy to conjure up images of the 1800s aristocracy using these bathrooms as part of their daily wash. For us, the only thing that’s missing is a dedicated shower – a bath just isn’t the same!



French 2French 1

Although initially appearing quite similar to their rivals across the sea, upon closer inspection French bathrooms are markedly different to those of the English. As French housing tends to go up rather than out, large windows or even doors that open onto small balconies are often featured, allowing light and air to spill through to the interior. As per English design, white and cream tend to be the classic colours, but French bathrooms often blend in more subtle touches. This may appear in wrought iron artwork on balustrades and mirrors, lace patterns on towels and table coverings, or even glass or crystal chandeliers for the refined nobility. Again, showers are not as common here as they could be – but with the right screen, one could easily be melded into this discernable décor.



Scan 2Scan 1

Nordic or Scandinavian designs seem to be all the rage in bathroom talk at the moment, but what actually is a Nordic design?  Organic materials are common: rather than plastics or acrylics, lots of stone and wood are used for that warm, natural feel. A dark / light interplay is also suggestive of Nordic design, symbolic of the varying amounts of light in Scandinavian regions. Typically this is black and white, but dark navies and greys can also work well in modern bathrooms. Many designs strive to keep things simple, removing unnecessary storage racks, cabinets or peripherals for a clean, minimalist appearance. If you can imagine being on the inside of a sauna in a mountain retreat, Nordic bathrooms are often just as relaxing.



Spain 2Spain 1

Spanish and Portuguese designs are very different to those above. The most immediate contrast, as  perhaps could be expected from geographical indicators, is overwhelmingly one of warmth. Earth tones of red and brown are common, as is clay or terracotta decoration; this stems from Moorish and Native American influences in art and architecture. Small, arched windows often feature, and there can be many in a single bathroom. They may even come without any sort of sill or framing, instead having the glass (or lack thereof) set straight into the wall. Mosaic designs and lots of tiling are also in character and can suit the mood of Iberian designs.


Hopefully these world bathrooms have given you a few ideas to get started planning your own timeless designs. Keep an eye on this space for the next in this series.


Image sources: ClawFootHome Bunch, 1DecorHouzz



New product release: Signature Glass Hardware

Choose Pivotech’s new Signature Glass Hardware collection for high performance and high style

You’ll love the designer finishes, quality and strength of our Signature collection.

it’s the details

We chose the best materials in order to produce the highest quality product.

From construction of the hinge to attention to detail with the finishing, every facet of Pivotech’s Signature glass hardware has been considered.

Considering a frameless shower enclosure featuring larger doors? It’s possible with Signature glass hardware. Talk to your installer about the strength of the Signature hinge.

The best design, the best manufacture, the best materials and the best finish combine to give you the best frameless glass hardware. Pivotech Signature Glass Hardware.

Speak with a member of our team today to learn where to find Signature frameless glass hardware in your area.

ask us about Signature hardware


finishes glass hardware



This year’s biggest shower trends

Normally I look at bathrooms as a whole, this week I want to do something different and focus specifically on showers.

Showers demand significant amounts of bathroom floorspace and therefore should never be overlooked. You can’t go wrong with well planned, thoughtful shower design. If bathroom renovations are on your 2016 ‘to do list’, here are my top shower trends for this year, embrace all, a few or one and reward yourself with style, function and a bathroom you will enjoy for many years to come.

Shower seats

No longer reserved for high-end hotels and luxury day spas, shower seats are becoming more mainstream and accepted into residential architecture. Super on fleek, those who don’t adopt this design feature are those who don’t realise its value. If you’re wondering what possible purpose shower seats could have, consider the following:

  • Somewhere to sit while shaving legs
  • Additional shelf and storage space
  • Attractive bathroom storage
  • An opportunity to sit, relax and enjoy your shower

Built in seats are one design option, ideal for maintaining a monolithic look. Make your seat an extension of shower walls and avoid over complicating space by maintaining visual flow. While this style requires additional work in the beginning, it provides elegant simplicity in the end.

If your budget is modest, a more cost effective and adaptable solution is to place stools or bench seats within your shower cavity. This method provides obvious cost savings and the flexibility to remove, move or update as needed.


Unique hardware

Frameless glass shower screens have been in the spotlight for multiple seasons and 2016 is the year to take frameless to the next level. Sure, silver patch fittings are great, timeless and compliment almost any interior, but it’s time to try something with a bit more spice! Gold, matt black, matt chrome and polished chrome are the new must have frameless hardware finishes. Indulge in being different, explore patch fitting finishes.


Identifiable space

Threshold is key to all interior space, but often overlooked in bathrooms. It’s easy to perceive bathroom space as singular, on most floor plans it have the smallest room footprint. Try not to forget, even small rooms can communicate multiple thresholds. Shower cavities are perfect canvases for creating space within space. Identify showers through pattern application, texture and/or colour; providing contrast with other assets. Something as simple as 3D tiles or geometric patterns can lift and elevate shower space.


Double trouble

It’s no secret I love dual shower head showers, mainly because there isn’t much not to love. Turn romantic showers into something legitimately romantic by removing the need to compromise who holds the privilege of standing under running water. For ensuites or main bathrooms, if you haven’t already, invest in two shower heads, this practical and luxurious trend is here to stay in 2016 and into the future.


Focal point

Much like fine art, every good interior needs a central point of attention. Don’t feel focal points need to be large feature walls or loud statements, effective interior design should achieve pulled focus subtly. Showers make perfect features. Simply applying some of the strategies covered in this blog will encourage interior focus.

Interesting design selections, unique product specification, creation of true interior threshold and ensuring your bathroom always has something special will establish functional and timeless bathroom focal point.


Image sources: CementTileShop, InteriorDesignLondon, Houzz, HousetoHome, AThoughtfulPlace, ASHPress