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World Bathrooms, Part 2

Continuing on from our previous World Bathrooms post, in today’s blog we cast our gaze around the globe to look at some Asian design trends.

Asian bathroom design is synonymous with tranquillity. This could potentially be ascribed to Oriental philosophy filtering through to building practices; feng shui and other spiritual systems have long had an effect on construction blueprints. Rooms may be designed to promote inner peace, bring luck and more. Different regions may also have subtle differences in bathroom style and tone.


J2  J1

Traditional Japanese design can appear quite minimalistic. There is often a conscious effort to bring nature inside. Wood in dark or light natural stains is common, as is a variety of plants in corners and around basins. Stone pebbles in suitable areas can add to this natural look, an addition which can be pleasing to the touch as well as to the eye. Bathtubs are more common than showers, but both fit well in these relaxing spaces. Privacy screens of paper over wood or bamboo add a touch of delicacy to the setting.


C1  C2

Chinese designs are often bolder and more contrasting than those of other Asian regions. The use of strong colours, particularly red (symbolic of luck and happiness) serves to bring vibrance and energy to a room. Mirrors are also prominent; where once these may have had much to do with frightening away evil spirits, today they largely serve more pragmatic purposes. Lanterns and shaded lamps in wall-sconces are a very traditional look, which can incorporate well into modern design.


T2  T1

As Thailand is such a strong tourist destination, Thai bathrooms are most often seen by travellers within one of the country’s many hotels. Colours and layouts that emphasize space, luxury and cleanliness are popular. White plaster walls fight the heat by casting an illusion of cool, calm colour. Dark lacquered wooden cabinets and panels fit into this space – useful to store an array of fluffy white towels. Fresh petals can be strategically placed to appeal to the eye whilst also providing a light floral aroma, helping to distinguish the bathroom as a clean, private space.

There are a huge number of fashions that can be followed to help revamp your bathroom’s image. Pick a style you like and start designing – and be bold!

Image sources: Decoist, Houzz, Architecture Art Designs


World Bathrooms, Part 1

In our increasingly connected world, fashions start and spread faster than ever.

This can easily lead to confusion – when there are so many trends out there, what’s actually popular and what’s not? How do you know which movements to follow and which to ignore? What is ‘good taste’ these days anyway?

These questions apply as much to bathrooms as to anything else. In fact, we argue they are especially pertinent here, as any new bathroom is designed as a permanent fixture; in a house lasting decades, the style needs to be as durable as the hardware.  In a bid for inspiration, this set of blogs is aiming to highlight a few classic world bathroom styles.



Eng 1 Eng 2

With famous brands like Twyford and Royal Doulton to their name, the English have perhaps the best-known style of European bathroom.  Generally solid and regular of design, traditional English designs are timeless affairs, combining taste with functional durability. Colouring is typically white or cream, and floral patterns are common across wallpapers and even porcelain. Large bathtubs, often featuring claw feet, are usually prominent. Done well, it is easy to conjure up images of the 1800s aristocracy using these bathrooms as part of their daily wash. For us, the only thing that’s missing is a dedicated shower – a bath just isn’t the same!



French 2French 1

Although initially appearing quite similar to their rivals across the sea, upon closer inspection French bathrooms are markedly different to those of the English. As French housing tends to go up rather than out, large windows or even doors that open onto small balconies are often featured, allowing light and air to spill through to the interior. As per English design, white and cream tend to be the classic colours, but French bathrooms often blend in more subtle touches. This may appear in wrought iron artwork on balustrades and mirrors, lace patterns on towels and table coverings, or even glass or crystal chandeliers for the refined nobility. Again, showers are not as common here as they could be – but with the right screen, one could easily be melded into this discernable décor.



Scan 2Scan 1

Nordic or Scandinavian designs seem to be all the rage in bathroom talk at the moment, but what actually is a Nordic design?  Organic materials are common: rather than plastics or acrylics, lots of stone and wood are used for that warm, natural feel. A dark / light interplay is also suggestive of Nordic design, symbolic of the varying amounts of light in Scandinavian regions. Typically this is black and white, but dark navies and greys can also work well in modern bathrooms. Many designs strive to keep things simple, removing unnecessary storage racks, cabinets or peripherals for a clean, minimalist appearance. If you can imagine being on the inside of a sauna in a mountain retreat, Nordic bathrooms are often just as relaxing.



Spain 2Spain 1

Spanish and Portuguese designs are very different to those above. The most immediate contrast, as  perhaps could be expected from geographical indicators, is overwhelmingly one of warmth. Earth tones of red and brown are common, as is clay or terracotta decoration; this stems from Moorish and Native American influences in art and architecture. Small, arched windows often feature, and there can be many in a single bathroom. They may even come without any sort of sill or framing, instead having the glass (or lack thereof) set straight into the wall. Mosaic designs and lots of tiling are also in character and can suit the mood of Iberian designs.


Hopefully these world bathrooms have given you a few ideas to get started planning your own timeless designs. Keep an eye on this space for the next in this series.


Image sources: ClawFootHome Bunch, 1DecorHouzz



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This year’s biggest shower trends

Normally I look at bathrooms as a whole, this week I want to do something different and focus specifically on showers.

Showers demand significant amounts of bathroom floorspace and therefore should never be overlooked. You can’t go wrong with well planned, thoughtful shower design. If bathroom renovations are on your 2016 ‘to do list’, here are my top shower trends for this year, embrace all, a few or one and reward yourself with style, function and a bathroom you will enjoy for many years to come.

Shower seats

No longer reserved for high-end hotels and luxury day spas, shower seats are becoming more mainstream and accepted into residential architecture. Super on fleek, those who don’t adopt this design feature are those who don’t realise its value. If you’re wondering what possible purpose shower seats could have, consider the following:

  • Somewhere to sit while shaving legs
  • Additional shelf and storage space
  • Attractive bathroom storage
  • An opportunity to sit, relax and enjoy your shower

Built in seats are one design option, ideal for maintaining a monolithic look. Make your seat an extension of shower walls and avoid over complicating space by maintaining visual flow. While this style requires additional work in the beginning, it provides elegant simplicity in the end.

If your budget is modest, a more cost effective and adaptable solution is to place stools or bench seats within your shower cavity. This method provides obvious cost savings and the flexibility to remove, move or update as needed.


Unique hardware

Frameless glass shower screens have been in the spotlight for multiple seasons and 2016 is the year to take frameless to the next level. Sure, silver patch fittings are great, timeless and compliment almost any interior, but it’s time to try something with a bit more spice! Gold, matt black, matt chrome and polished chrome are the new must have frameless hardware finishes. Indulge in being different, explore patch fitting finishes.


Identifiable space

Threshold is key to all interior space, but often overlooked in bathrooms. It’s easy to perceive bathroom space as singular, on most floor plans it have the smallest room footprint. Try not to forget, even small rooms can communicate multiple thresholds. Shower cavities are perfect canvases for creating space within space. Identify showers through pattern application, texture and/or colour; providing contrast with other assets. Something as simple as 3D tiles or geometric patterns can lift and elevate shower space.


Double trouble

It’s no secret I love dual shower head showers, mainly because there isn’t much not to love. Turn romantic showers into something legitimately romantic by removing the need to compromise who holds the privilege of standing under running water. For ensuites or main bathrooms, if you haven’t already, invest in two shower heads, this practical and luxurious trend is here to stay in 2016 and into the future.


Focal point

Much like fine art, every good interior needs a central point of attention. Don’t feel focal points need to be large feature walls or loud statements, effective interior design should achieve pulled focus subtly. Showers make perfect features. Simply applying some of the strategies covered in this blog will encourage interior focus.

Interesting design selections, unique product specification, creation of true interior threshold and ensuring your bathroom always has something special will establish functional and timeless bathroom focal point.


Image sources: CementTileShop, InteriorDesignLondon, Houzz, HousetoHome, AThoughtfulPlace, ASHPress


Making white bathrooms work

White is and always will be a popular bathroom décor solution. For home owners white is safe, long lasting, and offers reliable resell value.

While these advantages are true, one must remember, white is no different from any other shade, tone or metallic. Apply incorrectly and your bathroom won’t work; apply incorrectly and your bathroom will date faster than blue feature walls.

You’ve all seen bathrooms with tired white tapware, basins, drapes and tiles (the 1990s were not kind towards present day perceptions of white fixtures and fittings). These bathrooms are horrific because they practice white on white – and this is no way to execute white bathroom design. White is a ‘safe’ design option, but that doesn’t mean styling should neglect interior design rules.

The key to working with white bathrooms is to keep interior style contemporary, avoid being too generic and employ design elements. Here’s some modern inspiration for making white work for you.

Tiles: size, shape and lustre

White tiles applied across floors and walls can be effective in almost any bathroom; however it’s important to remember tile size, shape and lustre, all contribute to interior success. It’s not as simple as selecting the first white tile you see. Consider opportunities for contrast between wall and floor applications, play with shape to manipulate depth and explore finish and its influence on your overall aspect. To avoid white looking tired, or downright uncool,  try some of the following combinations:

  • Large format floor tiles with long slim plank wall tiles
  • Octagonal floor tiles with hard edge subway wall tiles
  • Matt stone floor tiles with medium gloss marble wall tiles


White + metals = success

Skilled interior designers can struggle to pull off white fittings with white fixtures,  it’s not impossible, it’s just one of the more difficult looks. Provide stunning contrast and visual stimulation by teaming white tiles and fixtures with metallic fittings. Chrome or brass tapware, shower frames, frameless patches, light fittings and towel rails, will instantly lift and modernise bathroom space.


Textured timber

Trending for multiple seasons now, timber isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Pair light timber vanities with white porcelain basins and pull off Scandinavian chic; or look at darker woods for a smoky cabin feel. Timber vanity focal points are an exciting way to bring contrast and excitement into an otherwise flat white interior.

If timber vanities aren’t your thing, floorboards or wall cladding will create the same aspect; complimenting, not distracting from your white bathroom.


Black and white

Black and white bathrooms communicate spectacular charm. Contemporary or classic, teaming black with white never fails to impress. Aside from metallics, black is the best way to stimulate bathroom depth. For more on black and white bathroom décor, read How to master the black bathroom trend.


Look interesting

The big problem with playing it safe via white, on white, on white, is you’re actually playing it so safe, your bathroom will not only look dated but downright boring. Look alive! Work with interesting feature tiles, accessories and mirrors. Think outside the square and consider unique (but timeless) details, such as exposed copper pipes and mirror clad walls. Ensure your white bathroom is safe but not and never will be boring.


Image sources: edilgres, desiretoinspire, TDC, Scandinavianlovesong, jacquelynclark, josvanzijl


The back-to-school family bathroom

Good mornings start with a good family bathroom routine. And a good bathroom routine starts with organisation.

Like a lot of Australians with young children, I’m coping with the mad morning rush that comes with the start of a new school year. Uniforms, hats, lunches, water bottles, books, pack packs and breakfast all seem to conspire against us in our quest for a smooth and on time departure from the house each morning. However, a critical assessment of your family bathroom layout combined with a bit of planning for the day can help you stay on track when every minute counts.

Family bathroom design strategies

The family bathroom faces the unenviable challenge of  needing a layout capable of being all things to all people. First and foremost, family bathrooms must be practical. To accommodate children (and possibly grandparents), give attention to safety, spaciousness and maneuverability, and lots of storage to help minimise clutter.

If you have the time, energy and budget for a bit of family bathroom redesign, consider these features:

  • Keep the bath for kids and babies, but give consideration to the dimensions and design to ensure the bath works for placing children into and taking them out of the bath.
  • Explore textured tiles or other non-slip surface options for safety.
  • Tight shower enclosures can be difficult to navigate. Consider a bath panel instead when space is scarce.
  • Include a handheld shower to make bathing children easier.
  • Twin basins offer double the work space for the busy morning rush and eliminates squabbling over sink space for teeth brushing and face washing.
  • Equally practical are twin showers and double-ended baths.
  • Choose a vanity with lots of usable counter space.

On the other hand, if you’re out of time and need immediate relief, here’s a few more tips.

Plan of attack

Navigating and negotiating who is doing what when in the bathroom can lead to frustrations and arguments. A little guidance from a planned schedule can go a long way towards getting everyone ready and out the door on time. Try staggering morning tasks so the kids can get in and out of the bathroom quickly and still get everything done. One child can be grooming in the bathroom, while another child can be dressing in the bedroom. Mapping out tasks in a chart keeps things clear and helps everyone focus on the matter at hand.

If it can be done ahead of time, do it

Before you tuck your kids in at night, make sure they have everything they need for the school day laid out. In addition to laying out their sweaters and pants, this includes all of their bathroom accouterments — towels, washcloths, and clothes. Having everything ready to go gives them less the think about and less to stress over, which trickles down into everything they do to leave the house on time without getting frazzled. A little bit of preparation for the family gives everyone a lot of peace of mind.

Battle stations

If you have the storage space, create “stations” for each family member. Keeping everyone’s individual bathroom items on their shelf or in their designated cubby, you reduce time wasted looking for things.

It’s all about timing

My family converted to the toothbrush timer years ago. It ensures everyone completed the recommended two minutes of brushing.

Simplification, that’s the name of the game

A clear, straightforward schedule can help kids self-manage their morning. However, micromanagement can increase stress and decrease success. Strive to find the balance between well-planned and over-planned in order to achieve the day’s goals and keep everyone feeling good.


For more tips on creating a family-friendly bathroom, revisit our post on Bathroom design for Children.


Part two: 2015 bathroom blog review

Think you may have missed one of Pivotech’s inspiration with bathroom design tips?

It’s quite possible you have. Don’t get down about it. Catch up now, or over the festive break, by clicking the titles of each blog below to view the original article. Be inspired with these bathroom design tips for a new year of renovation and decoration.

Happy holiday reading and if you missed part one last week, be sure to check it out here.

Make your bathroom bigger, without moving any walls
Creating larger bathroom space doesn’t have to incur the expense and stress associated with moving interior walls. When renovating, always look at how you can transform your space, without moving existing structures. Literal space, or alluded space, instantly transforms rooms into more enjoyable places with increased sensations of function and aesthetic. In the bathroom, use these simple but effective techniques to create some spectacular illusions.

Pivotech_small bathrooms2

Making bathroom storage usable, maintainable, and stylish
I’m sure I’m not alone in my daily struggle for bathroom order. For a room we all use multiple times each day, it stands as one of the most un-organised residential spaces. Today, for my benefit, and yours, I’m going to look at the best solutions for usable, maintainable and stylish bathroom storage.

Classic bathroom style will always be fashionable
If re-modelling or building, you’re no doubt investing significant amounts of money. Whenever you make an investment in your home, you want to get the most from your design decisions. Bathrooms sit as one of the most expensive rooms in the home, they are also a deal breaker when it comes to re-sell value. Provide your bathroom with timeless charm, move away from fad trends and look towards proven, more traditional interior aesthetic.

Three easy tips for getting your bathroom ready to sell
Never underestimate how much effort is involved in preparing your home for sale. Not only do you need to ensure interior space is clean, tidied and clutter free, inevitably pre-sale preparation will involve an array of ‘fix-it’ projects and general house maintenance. With multiple projects on the go, it’s important to allocate time wisely. As anyone in real estate will tell you; kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, preparing you bathroom for sale should be top priority.

Pivotech colour bathroom4

Bathroom colour design inspiration
There are lots of things to think about when introducing colour into bathroom composition, one thing to remember however, is when implemented with thought and function, colour will provide your bathroom with real impact and aesthetic credibility. If you’re considering bold colours into your bathroom, try one of the following palettes and applications for guaranteed bathroom interior décor success.

Bathroom design trend: the neutral bathroom
If you fear neutral colours in your bathroom, don’t. Neutrals don’t have to be boring. Combining subdue shades and contrasting textures within neutral palettes, can create truly outstanding and memorable interior spaces.

Modern Bohemian in the bathroom
This year’s biggest decorating trend is without a doubt, Modern Bohemian. So far it’s largely taken off in living rooms, bedrooms and dining spaces; today I want to look at bathrooms and how you can transform your current bathroom into an on trend oasis.


Spring into spring with bathroom pastels
There is no better time than spring to look at renovating or pushing design boundaries on your new build. Pastel home décor has been on designer trend radars for at least twelve months, now, as we enter warmer weather, it’s about to explode. Pastels look great in bathrooms, their soft aspect compliments and contrasts all the hard surfaces traditionally found in bathing spaces. Gone are the days of floral pastel wallpaper in eyesore bathrooms, pastels are super modern and will provide your bathroom with superb spring freshness all year round.

Powerful patterns to make your bathroom pop!
Bathrooms are special spaces, often closed off from other areas of the home, they lend themselves to bold creative aesthetics. The style direction you chose to take in your bathroom doesn’t have to dominate your entire home, bathrooms can stand alone as feature zones within your house. One effective way to create a statement space is through pattern.

Back to black: the black bathroom trend, part three
Through selective application and savvy spatial planning, Block front runners, Dean and Shay, nailed ‘the black bathroom’ in week one’s master bathroom reveal. Mixing custom black tapware with black herringbone feature tiles, Dean and Shay’s interior presented the flexibility of black in bathroom design; reminding everyone how simple black accents, combined with white, timber and warm shades of grey can create seriously lust worthy interiors.

natural bathroom5

Natural beauty in the bathroom
So how do you create bathroom spaces with natural beauty? Don’t worry, I’m not talking dirt floors and bark walls … it’s less literal then that; achieving naturalness within your bathroom relies more on shape, tone, colour and pattern; and how you apply these design elements.

Bathroom cool at your fingertips
Rising from the momentum of DIY décor is a new style of interior decoration, I like to call DIY Cool. DIY Cool is a simple pared back look, with timeless charm, sprinkled with edgy attitude. It’s a go-to for home-owners looking to conduct interior styling themselves; it’s on-trend, fresh, modern and surprisingly easy to achieve.

Mastering the master bathroom
A significant amount of time is spent in ensuites, second only to kitchens and main living spaces in usage. Master bathrooms need to function on multiple levels; the room needs to be practical for daily hygiene routines, but also provide opportunity for oasis and escape. Storage and design aesthetic must also be considered.


Perfecting Parisian Modern in the bathroom
To understand this new style, don’t think French Provincial; Parisian Modern is about working with timeless materials, in a new, minimal, and charming manner. It’s Minimalist meets Modern Bohemian. This décor is for those looking to mix high-end sophistication, with liberated personality.

Bathroom trend alert: stripes
Stripes are often used to generate a nautical bathroom aesthetic, but as stripes rise to be one of Australia’s next big design trends, don’t limit yourself to one style. With a little creativity, lined configurations can create many different interior aspects and breathe new life into tired old rooms.

Navy bathrooms, the new black?
Navy is one of those classic colours; it’s never out of fashion, there’s always new shades and tones available, and from couture to cushions, it consistently looks stunning. Navy interiors are nothing new, what’s new are fresh and modern applications.


Stress-free bathroom makeover tips to get you holiday guest ready
Festive celebration and house guests come hand-in-hand. There’s nothing more wonderful than spending summer with relatives and loved ones; but it can place pressure on you to have your home just right for holiday boarders. At the end of the day, guests will understand they’re in your home, not a hotel; but if you’re anything like me, as host, you want things to look sharp.

2016 Pivotech Bathroom Trend Report
New Year means new trends. Industrial chic, black bathrooms, indoor/outdoor wet areas and timber will remain popular next year; in addition to these existing trends, there are some exciting new looks to join 2016’s on fleek list. If you’ve been considering bathroom investment, 2016 is your year. The New Year is set to display some of the most stunning interior concepts seen in a while.


Part one: 2015 bathroom blog review

Think you may have missed one of Pivotech’s design tips blogs?

It’s quite possible you have. Don’t get down about it. Catch up now, or over the festive break, by clicking the titles of each blog below to view the original design tips. Be inspired for a new year of renovation and decoration.

Reno advice, colour trends and ensuite inspiration; here is part one of this year’s design blog summary. Happy holiday reading and be sure to check in next week for part two.

Bathroom bungles and how to avoid them
Maybe an oversize vanity prevents doors from closing properly, or perhaps the shower is prone to flooding due to inadequate drainage. One thing is for sure, when bathrooms are not quite right, it’s noticeable. Undertaking bathroom renovations or new builds are real investments, ensure you don’t waste time and money – plan well, think about your design and avoid bathroom bungles.

Bathroom colour trend: teal
Teal is set to be one of this year’s biggest interior trends. I understand colour can be intimidating, but for anyone willing to give teal a chance and embrace new trends, here are some tips to minimise colour fear.


Advice for first time bathroom renovators
Most home owners get to a stage in life where renovation becomes front of mind. Perhaps renovations are a necessity, or maybe they’re a luxurious treat. Either way, for every first time renovator there is a lot to think about, and I don’t mean to scare, but there’s also a lot that can go wrong.

Apartment bathroom design
Space and light are key considerations when designing apartment bathroom layout. You also always want your apartment to have investment property potential in the future, so you need timeless design that’s low maintenance.

50 Shades of grey
Grey, not just popular in novels and a soon to be released film. Grey is also predicated to be one of this year’s biggest interior design trends. Grey has a lot of potential, it’s far less aggressive than black, yet far more expressive than white. Grey compliments almost any colour beautifully, offering designers and home renovators numerous rich tones and shades to play with.

Pivotech_apartment bathroom

Bathrooms sell houses, make sure yours cuts the mustard
Treating your bathroom to a mini renovation before it goes to market doesn’t have to cost a fortune; but simple alterations here and there could assist in making you one. Allow your property to impress potential buyers with these cost effective and easy to execute bathroom makeover tips.

Bath Panels, the solution to your bathroom problems
When working with restricted bathroom space, it can sometimes feel impossible to include everything you want. For instance; you like taking long relaxing baths, but you don’t have room for a shower and bath. Or maybe natural light is blocked by shower curtains or other opaque screens – making your bathroom dark. It’s a fact of life, as The Rolling Stones said, “you can’t always get what you want”.  Today is not one of those days. I want you to have your bathroom cake and eat it too, and thanks to bath panels and shower over bath configurations, you can.

How to get the Hollywood Regency look in your bathroom
Bathrooms are fantastic spaces for Hollywood Regency, glass, mirror, hard tile and porcelain or marble surfaces, lend themselves to luxe. Mastering this look is all about selecting the right patterns, shapes, colours, and of course, you have to be daring enough to be  a little outrageous in your aesthetic. If you fully commit to creating a Hollywood Regency bathroom, be prepared to create a real feature space within your home.


Use design principles to make sure white, never looks too white
White might be seen as a safety zone for DIY designers, but that doesn’t mean it’s fail proof. When working in white, or any  monochromatic scheme, successful design comes down to understanding design principles and how to apply them within your space.

Seven things every chic bathroom has
Being chic is not about following trends, it’s about being timeless. One must carefully select what to include and identify what to leave out. Understanding your own style, product availability and space functionality, will allow you to create bathrooms even the most experienced interior designers will envy.

Bathroom trend report: a little ray of sunshine
Yellow holds fantastic meaning,  it’s the colour of intelligence, optimism and joyfulness. Yellow connotes sunshine and warmth with feelings of happiness. When using yellow in design, it’s important to plan your space and strategically select individual areas for application.

The luxe bathroom look for less
While bathrooms are big ticket rooms, making your space look luxurious doesn’t have to come with a ridiculous price tag. Capturing expensive aspect comes down to paying attention to detail and executing interior design with unique features. To elevate your bathroom’s status, you need to create space that looks like a designer’s design – this is easier and cheaper to achieve than you think.


Mastering the black bathroom trend, part two
Just under a year ago, I wrote “How to master the black bathroom trend”. I said it then, and I will proclaim it again, black will always be the new black. While black bathrooms are trending now, black, is one look that will never go out of fashion. If executed thoughtfully, with planing and research, following the black bathroom trend now, will create a bathroom capable of standing the test of time.

New York, New York, bathrooms love you
For most Australian’s there is a certain ‘romance’ surrounding New York City. Even if never visited, pop culture presents the city as a place with bold and beautiful architecture, its own unique take on ‘chic’ and an atmosphere like no other. Immortalised in film, music and art, New York City will never go out of fashion – making it the perfect muse.


The ultimate bathroom renovation checklist
Renovating seems like a good idea and remodelling is really something to get excited about. But please, wait, stop right there. Before you start anything, do you really understand what you’re getting yourself into? Have you thought about not just your design and budget, but also unexpected expenses, permits, access, waterproofing, trades you need to involve … have you really thought about your project?

Creating bathroom style
Let’s face it, professional designers are expensive. Especially when considering re-designing or renovating one room of your home, such as the bathroom. About 80 per cent of successful design, comes down to successful planning. Understand your style, know what you want and create project planning sheets, to ensure your final room, reflects your initial intention.

Need a holiday? Bring holiday to your bathroom this winter
It’s around this time of year, when days are shorter, nights colder and the year half gone, I always find myself yearning for a holiday. Nothing big, just a little getaway somewhere warm and relaxing. However, with life’s endless list of responsibilities, holidays are not always possible. Don’t let this get you down, I say, if you can’t go to the holiday, make the holiday come to you.


Trend alert: Bathroom Nouveau
This eclectic look gains inspiration from design styles gone by; it mixes and matches elements of Hollywood Regency, Eastern design aesthetic, Minimalism, the 1960’s and ’70’s and even provincial living. Bathroom Nouveau is a flexible, fluid style, allowing those game enough, wonderful opportunity to inject a real sense of personal style into their interior.

A bathroom for the two of you
It can be difficult to find balance between you and your partner’s style, but part of building a home together is finding design harmony. Bathrooms, in particular are often subject to difference in opinion. To assist in locating some bathroom balance, today I want to look at bathroom design strategy and design ideas, suitable for couples. If you’re renovating or building from scratch, here are some simple planning activities and aethetic ideas to get you on the right path to creating a bathroom for both of you.


How to work Pantone’s 2016 colour into your bathroom

If you’re into colour, you need to be across Pantone’s colour forecast for 2016 – it’s pretty major.

Pantone (aka leaders in colour cool), announced rose quartz and serenity, as 2016’s colour of the year. This colour forecast is the first time a fusion hue has been nominated; an exciting and progressive move for the colour world and possibly a sign of future colour direction. When new fashion trends are announced, application across art and design always spread. In the colour world, when you’re hot, you’re hot … and Pantone is always hot.

It’s one thing to know colour and understand trends, it’s another to provide real world applications. Pantone’s fusion hue is too exciting not to let loose on an interior design project. If you’re looking to renovate or update an existing bathroom with small touches, here are some tips on how to work with rose quartz and serenity.

Be selective

There’s no denying rose quartz and serenity is an intense colour. Successful decoration will come down to careful and thoughtful application. Consider if you wish to use the colour as a whole or split the hue and apply separately within your interior composition. I recommend modest application to avoid overwhelming your space; this colour is beautiful, but carries extreme contrast and will have a tendency to dominate. Select one large, to three small key areas for application and balance these with light neutrals.

Explore accents and accessories

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to update interior space is by purchasing trend accessories and accents. Work rose quartz and serenity into your bathroom through linen, pot plants, hygiene accessories or candles. Styling accents allow you to create easy to change on-trend bathroom space.


A the end of the day rose quartz and serenity is a version on pink and blue. Interior harmony is key to any effective colour application, especially when working with strong contrast. As mentioned above, balance rose quartz and serenity’s intensity with crisp, pure and simpler shades. Cool whites and light greys will provide perfect balance.

Pantone on rose quartz and serenity

A softer take on colour for 2016: For the first time, the blending of two shades – Rose Quartz and Serenity are chosen as the PANTONE Colour of the Year

As consumers seek mindfulness and well-being as an antidote to modern day stresses, welcoming colours that psychologically fulfil our yearning for reassurance and security are becoming more prominent. Joined together, Rose Quartz and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace.

The prevalent combination of Rose Quartz and Serenity also challenges traditional perceptions of colour association.

In many parts of the world we are experiencing a gender blur as it relates to fashion, which has in turn impacted colour trends throughout all other areas of design. This more unilateral approach to colour is coinciding with societal movements toward gender equality and fluidity, the consumer’s increased comfort with using colour as a form of expression, a generation that has less concern about being typecast or judged and an open exchange of digital information that has opened our eyes to different approaches to colour usage. (source: Pantone)

For more information on 2016 colour trends, visit Pantone’s website.


2016 Pivotech Bathroom Trend Report

Another year almost over. It feels like only yesterday I wrote “2015 bathroom trend forecast“, but it was 12 months ago, and now it’s forecasting time again.

New Year means new trends and new trend forecast. Industrial chic, black bathrooms, indoor/outdoor wet areas and timber will remain popular next year; in addition to these existing trends, there are some exciting new looks to join 2016’s on fleek list. If you’ve been considering bathroom investment, 2016 is your year. The New Year is set to display some of the most stunning interior concepts seen in a while.

Make next year your year of renovation and lead the way with these super hot bathroom trends.

Artisan touch

More and more we are seeing consumers migrate away from mass produced décor accessories, opting for handmade items and craft instead. While original accent peices have always been popular among crafting communities, ‘handmade’ is set to reach new levels of commercial popularity in 2016. Join the movement and decorate your bathroom with unique one-of-a-kind craft items.

Websites such as Etsy make buying bathroom and other household treasure easy, safe and fun. Shop soaps, tiles, linen, small items of furniture, hand creams and plants to style your bathroom.


Flexible privacy

Bathroom windows are traditionally difficult openings to furnish. Select fabric and risk mould growth, opt for window films and risk peeling. Timber often cracks in moisture laden air and depending on location, going without any window dressing is probably not an option. In 2016, the solution to all these problems will become also one of the year’s biggest trends – aluminium louvres and plantation shutters. Fitted internally or externally, aluminium shutters provide balance between natural light and privacy. Louvres can be finished in numerous powder coat colours to match interior or exterior décor; offering the ultimate durable and flexible bathroom privacy solution.


Floral feature

Gone are the days of floral wallpaper screaming “dag!”. In 2016, nothing will be hotter than flower power. I’m not talking dainty little pink roses in the fashion seen in your grandparents home; nor do I speak of 70s orange and brown sunflowers. I’m talking modern, wild and totally captivating pattern design. Not for the faint hearted, those bold enough to explore this new look, will be rewarded with style honours.


Oversize tiles

Small tiles have dominated bathroom design for five years. Subway tiles, Moroccan feature and octagonal shapes have been totally on trend. 2016 is going to shake this up! Forget small, next year is all about large format tiles and the bigger the better. Big, bold and significantly less grout lines to clean – it’s easy to see why this look is going to take off.


Black or gold frameless shower hardware

Black and gold have been in bathroom fashion for a while, however 2016 is going to be all about black and gold frameless hardware in particular. Subtle, high-end and absolutely fabulous; replacing existing hardware or installing new screens with black or gold patches and fittings will instantly update your bathroom and provide the ultimate design street credibility.


Image sources: Anitaslalaland, Robson Rak Architecture, Wall and Deco,  Houzz, The Block Shop Pinterest 

Feature image: South Shore Decoration