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Frameless glass hardware for the home

frameless shower screenShower enclosures can defy gravity with the engineered elegance of Pivotech’s frameless glass hardware.

Our gorgeous frameless glass hardware collection brings strength and luxury to your bath panels and frameless shower screens, highlighting the open feel of the glass.

Looking for finish options in matt black, gold and satin chrome? Check out our Signature collection of frameless glass hardware.

Tested for durability and designed to be ahead of trend, Pivotech Glass Hardware infuses a sensibility of lightness and brightness to your bath designs.




  • square cut, square edge hinges and brackets
  • sleek knobs, pull handles and towel rails
  • designed for 8 and 10mm glass
  • meticulously wrapped and packaged to protect the finish
  • durable hinge mechanism
  • fixed rubber pads
  • robust self-centering spring mechanism
  • stainless steel hex head screws
  • available in silver

Designing with frameless glass hardware

Minimalist design concept focuses on simplicity of form and function and strips back clutter and embellishment. If it doesn’t need to be there, it’s gone.

Designers strategically add glass and silver finished elements for a simple, but elegant bathroom. Glass shower doors and open baths with frameless glass hardware work beautifully. These two features can be further enhanced with natural lighting and/or reflective light from mirrors. This brings warmth and vibrancy to the subtle elegance.

However, when considering adding clear glass shower doors and glass hardware elements to your bathroom, it’s important to consider several factors.

  • is the glass hardware engineered for strength?
  • has the glass hardware been tested for durability?
  • how can you maintain glass hardware to ensure it continues to gleam?

Frameless glass hardware strength

When it comes to the hardware for frameless glass shower doors and bath panels, strength comes from two areas, the actual hardware and the installer.

For the hardware, ask your supplier about testing data to ensure the design has been tested and performed within established standards. This type of testing should be part of the routine product development process.

For the installation, do your homework. Ask for references from friends, family and co-workers. Check out consumer advocacy sites and customer rating sites, as well.

You can also call your closest Pivotech office and we can connect you with a Pivotech shower screen installer in your area.

Frameless glass hardware durability

A bathroom is a harsh environment. It’s warm and it’s wet. And it gets a lot of use. Water with various levels of minerals can leave deposits that build up. Micro particles of detergents, hair care products and skin care products are constantly floating in the air before landing on surfaces. Hardware and design elements must be up to the challenge.

  • look for sleek sleek knobs, pull handles and towel rails with finishes that discourage build up and micro particles from sticking
  • ask about the finish quality
  • choose a durable hinge mechanism tested for performance
  • confirm the screws used in placement are stainless steel screws

Frameless glass hardware cleaning

Ideally, the shower screen or bath panel and frameless glass hardware is wiped down with a soft towel after each shower. This ensures mineral deposits don’t build up. However, this isn’t realistic for most people.

The next option would be cleaning the shower weekly. Place a few drops of mild liquid detergent into a cup of warm water, then use a soft cloth to clean all the glass hardware. Rinse thoroughly with clear, warm water, then dry thoroughly to eliminate water spots and keep the metal’s sparkle.

Visit our blog post on cleaning for more tips.

The easy choice

The allure of minimalist bathroom design with clear shower glass and hardware is easy to see. The room feels light and airy, and the overall impact is kind to the eye and the intellect. Finding the right glass hardware and the right installer isn’t quite as easy, but almost. Choose Pivotech frameless glass hardware to ensure the quality and performance you want.