Create a frameless feeling for your customers with the minimal aluminium edge of Pivotech’s Deco Edge wardrobe system.

The collection features purpose designed dress trims, manufactured for the extrusion profile, eliminating gaps and exposed sharp edges.

A uniform rivet slot incorporated into the rails secure the wardrobe roller, wardrobe head guide and dress trims, and allow for faster assembly. The rivet/fixing point
incorporated into the Deco Plastic Head Guide forms a structural point to secure the grip stile to the top rail and eliminates twist.

  • Sheer-tested and rated, 14mm double-sided tape offers proven performance
  • Features 1.50 x 0.60mm V-groove on the vertical stile for silicon bead
  • Create more strength and eliminate twist with Deco Divider Rail as additional bracing, fixed via the vertical grip stile