Deco Framed wardrobe system

The Deco framed wardrobe system is an interior design chameleon.

The Deco Divider Rail allows for multiple panel configurations, allowing for creativity. Offer your customers glass-mirror-glass, timber-mirror, and more.

Additionally, Deco wardrobes can feature vertical or horizontal fitment, or both. When used in this configuration and fixed via the vertical grip stile, you’ll be confident in the added support and elimination of twist.

  • Conceal fixings with easy to apply infill buffer, when using bracing rail
  • Uniform rivet slot incorporated into the rails secures the wardrobe roller, wardrobe head guide and dress trims for faster assembly
  • The rivet/fixing point incorporated into the Deco Plastic Head Guide forms a structural point to secure the grip stile to the top rail and eliminates twist.