Product announcement: Optima range expanded

More Optima options

Pivotech invites aligned installers to explore the expanded Optima Range, with additional sizes available now.

Oversize Fronts

Both 1850mm and 1950mm high Optimas now suit widths from 680mm wide to 1820mm wide.

eDM Optima 680 1820

Sizes available

680-740 1280-1340
740-800 1340-1400
800-860 1400-1460
860-920 1460-1520
920-980 1520-1580
980-1040 1580-1640
1040-1100 1640-1700
1160-1220 1700-1760
1220-1280 1760-1820

Please note: Sizes above 1220mm are only available in bright silver.

More return panels

Return panels now suit a range from 750mm wide to 930mm wide in both 1850mm and 1950mm high.

eDM return panelsSizes available

750-770 850-870
770-790 870-890
790-810 890-910
810-830 910-930

Return panels to suit larger bases

In addition to the items listed above, Pivotech now stocks two extra sizes to help accommodate 1000mm x 1000mm bases.

In 1950mm high only, you can select from two return panels that suit 970 – 990mm or 990 – 1010mm.

eDM 1950Sizes available (1950 high only)

970-990 990-1010

To learn more, contact Pivotech to find your local installer.

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