Adjustable shower screens

Optima adjustable shower screens provide Pivotech quality in a flexible, off-the-shelf design. Our high value for investment Optima is hard to beat.

Versatile, attractive and easy to install, telescopic, or adjustable, shower screens have quickly become a favourite for Australians. Success with these semi-prefabricated shower screens hinges on choosing one designed for quality and engineered for performance. Choose Optima and your worries wash away.


pivot patch fitting

Optima shower screen patch fittingSleek and understated door pivots are colour matched to co-ordinate with the frame.

finger pull handle

Optima adjustable shower screen finger pullErgonomic and unobtrusive, the finger pull handle complements the Optima shower screen perfectly.

splash guard

Optima-door-sealThe clear splash guard directs water back into the shower area.

Optima adjustable shower screen configurations


Bright-Silver Pearl-White

Find style and substance with adjustable shower screens

Choose a high quality adjustable shower screen, like Pivotech’s Optima shower enclosure, to ensure a fantastic end result.

What is a telescopic shower screen

The telescopic shower screen is composed of one or two adjustable shower door elements. By adjusting the distance between the end surface of the guide rail sleeve and the end surface of the guide rail, the width of the shower screen is adjusted, adapting for bathrooms with different size spaces for shower openings.

It usually comprises the following components:

  • Return Panel
  • Receiver Screws
  • Wall Channel
  • Adjustment Panel
  • Door
  • Receiver 1
  • Receiver 2
  • Return Adapter
  • Waterproof Strip
  • Return End Cap
  • Wall Grommet
  • Receiver End Cap

These cleverly designed shower enclosures offer a fantastic option for the budget-conscious or DIY builder. The semi-frameless design gives stability and durability, with easy-to-clean modern style. The Optima provides Pivotech quality in an off-the-shelf design. With a telescopic prefabricated shower screen, if stock is available locally, you can usually have your screen within 72 hours or less.

How to install an adjustable shower screen

  • Receiver must be square with wall. Mark position with pencil in three places when square.
  • Drill marked areas and insert wall grommets.
  • Apply silicon bead to wall side of receiver.
  • Fix receiver to wall with screws and tap in door assembly.
  • Square wall channel with wall and mark position.
  • Drill marked areas and insert wall grommets.
  • Assemble return adapter and receiver to return panel by pop riveting on the inside of the receiver. Drill at top and bottom and apply pop rivets.
  • Screw wall channel to wall then insert return panel assembly.
  • Tap return into receiver and make square with the front door assembly by carefully tapping adjustable frame.
  • Once entire shower screen is square, drill 3.5mm holes and apply pop rivets inside shower screen where indicated right.
  • Add end caps to finish.