Normally I look at bathrooms as a whole, this week I want to do something different and focus specifically on showers.

Showers demand significant amounts of bathroom floorspace and therefore should never be overlooked. You can’t go wrong with well planned, thoughtful shower design. If bathroom renovations are on your 2016 ‘to do list’, here are my top shower trends for this year, embrace all, a few or one and reward yourself with style, function and a bathroom you will enjoy for many years to come.

Shower seats

No longer reserved for high-end hotels and luxury day spas, shower seats are becoming more mainstream and accepted into residential architecture. Super on fleek, those who don’t adopt this design feature are those who don’t realise its value. If you’re wondering what possible purpose shower seats could have, consider the following:

  • Somewhere to sit while shaving legs
  • Additional shelf and storage space
  • Attractive bathroom storage
  • An opportunity to sit, relax and enjoy your shower

Built in seats are one design option, ideal for maintaining a monolithic look. Make your seat an extension of shower walls and avoid over complicating space by maintaining visual flow. While this style requires additional work in the beginning, it provides elegant simplicity in the end.

If your budget is modest, a more cost effective and adaptable solution is to place stools or bench seats within your shower cavity. This method provides obvious cost savings and the flexibility to remove, move or update as needed.


Unique hardware

Frameless glass shower screens have been in the spotlight for multiple seasons and 2016 is the year to take frameless to the next level. Sure, silver patch fittings are great, timeless and compliment almost any interior, but it’s time to try something with a bit more spice! Gold, matt black, matt chrome and polished chrome are the new must have frameless hardware finishes. Indulge in being different, explore patch fitting finishes.


Identifiable space

Threshold is key to all interior space, but often overlooked in bathrooms. It’s easy to perceive bathroom space as singular, on most floor plans it have the smallest room footprint. Try not to forget, even small rooms can communicate multiple thresholds. Shower cavities are perfect canvases for creating space within space. Identify showers through pattern application, texture and/or colour; providing contrast with other assets. Something as simple as 3D tiles or geometric patterns can lift and elevate shower space.


Double trouble

It’s no secret I love dual shower head showers, mainly because there isn’t much not to love. Turn romantic showers into something legitimately romantic by removing the need to compromise who holds the privilege of standing under running water. For ensuites or main bathrooms, if you haven’t already, invest in two shower heads, this practical and luxurious trend is here to stay in 2016 and into the future.


Focal point

Much like fine art, every good interior needs a central point of attention. Don’t feel focal points need to be large feature walls or loud statements, effective interior design should achieve pulled focus subtly. Showers make perfect features. Simply applying some of the strategies covered in this blog will encourage interior focus.

Interesting design selections, unique product specification, creation of true interior threshold and ensuring your bathroom always has something special will establish functional and timeless bathroom focal point.


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