Continuing on from our previous World Bathrooms post, in today’s blog we cast our gaze around the globe to look at some Asian design trends.

Asian bathroom design is synonymous with tranquillity. This could potentially be ascribed to Oriental philosophy filtering through to building practices; feng shui and other spiritual systems have long had an effect on construction blueprints. Rooms may be designed to promote inner peace, bring luck and more. Different regions may also have subtle differences in bathroom style and tone.


J2  J1

Traditional Japanese design can appear quite minimalistic. There is often a conscious effort to bring nature inside. Wood in dark or light natural stains is common, as is a variety of plants in corners and around basins. Stone pebbles in suitable areas can add to this natural look, an addition which can be pleasing to the touch as well as to the eye. Bathtubs are more common than showers, but both fit well in these relaxing spaces. Privacy screens of paper over wood or bamboo add a touch of delicacy to the setting.


C1  C2

Chinese designs are often bolder and more contrasting than those of other Asian regions. The use of strong colours, particularly red (symbolic of luck and happiness) serves to bring vibrance and energy to a room. Mirrors are also prominent; where once these may have had much to do with frightening away evil spirits, today they largely serve more pragmatic purposes. Lanterns and shaded lamps in wall-sconces are a very traditional look, which can incorporate well into modern design.


T2  T1

As Thailand is such a strong tourist destination, Thai bathrooms are most often seen by travellers within one of the country’s many hotels. Colours and layouts that emphasize space, luxury and cleanliness are popular. White plaster walls fight the heat by casting an illusion of cool, calm colour. Dark lacquered wooden cabinets and panels fit into this space – useful to store an array of fluffy white towels. Fresh petals can be strategically placed to appeal to the eye whilst also providing a light floral aroma, helping to distinguish the bathroom as a clean, private space.

There are a huge number of fashions that can be followed to help revamp your bathroom’s image. Pick a style you like and start designing – and be bold!

Image sources: Decoist, Houzz, Architecture Art Designs

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